Friday, November 5, 2010

What happens at Nanny & Poppa's

Tonight, I thought I would share with you what every second weekend looks like here at Nanny & Poppa's house. 

Every other Friday night, I pick up our two granddaughters Mikea and Kazera and drive them to our house for the weekend.  The house would already be kid friendly ie. my large stack of papers and magazines would be hidden, laptop put away and coffee table pushed to the side. All of their toys would be brought out into the living room and the fun would begin. :) First we would have supper.  Mikea prefers chicken and rice and Kazera ANYTHING :) 

Then it's playtime :)  This is our favorite time to act like a kid and make the girls laugh.  We sing songs, take lots of pictures, play guitar like poppa while wearing his hat :) and read lots of books.

Then, thank goodness, we have a break and our girls start doing this:

and then this: ahhhhhhh

and then we start it all over the next day :)  I love every 2nd weekend :)  Oh by the way... usually by the time the girls are asleep, I start to hear something .... zzzzzzzz 
Happy Friday everyone :) hug your babies tight :) 

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