Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Virtual Quilting Bee

Recently I joined two online quilting bees on Flickr.  Fresh & Funky Bee-ginners and PBee&J Quilting Bees.  This is how they work.  There are usually 12 members (one for each month of the year). When it is your month, you mail out fabric and a pattern to all of the members and then they sew up your block and mail it back.  What a great way to get a quilt finished!!

Well, I just finished the first block, Chrissy's spiderweb block. What do you think?  I can't wait for her to sew all of the blocks together and see the finished quilt :)  My month is February and May... I'm already thinking of what colors and pattern I want to do. 

Have you ever been in a virtual quilting bee?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Boy Blanket Tutorial..finished!

I have finally finished the baby boy flannel blanket before he was born!!!!  I am very impressed with myself :) 

Because of the process pledge, (see on right) I tried to document each step (kinda)....instead of just showing the end product.

First I purchased a ready made panel, warm & natural batting, the backing fabric and Gutterman thread to match.. I stacked the 3 layers on top of each other and then pinned it altogether!

I did quilt a little on the blanket... mostly straight line around the border and also around the star and moon. Once that was finished I trimmed the edges and started to sew the binding on.  I always have to look up on the internet on how to properly attach binding.  Thank god for the internet!!! 
and here is the end result :)  Yeahh!!!  It's going in the mail tomorrow :) Have you ever used a fabric panel to make a baby blanket?  Do you have pictures?


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