Saturday, January 29, 2011

Word Up Sewing Party

Today is January 29th and that means it is "Word Up" sewing party over at Charming Chatter's blog from 1-5pm.  This is our day to work on our sewing project that reminds us of our word for the year.  My word is "Determination" and I am DETERMINED to sew/quilt this year, either finishing and/or starting my sewing and quilt projects.  I am so using this word for my fitness goals as well... but that's another post lol

I'll be checking in later with pictures of my progress!!!  WOOHOOOOOO.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday, January 23

EEKKKKKK!!!  lol  This week didn't go as well as last week! lol  and there is no excuse but me...  It is soo funny how easy it is to spend hours on the internet looking at thousands of pictures (yup thousands... one night it was over 10 000 pictures of quilts and the other night it was over 2 000)  than to do something productive!  

This week I did join a new quilting swap.  This one is hosted by the Quilting Gallery.  We are exchanging 2 mug rugs with our secret partners... I can't wait to get started...

Last week's goals:
Exercise 4 times:
I did manage to work out 2 1/2 times this week....yay me lol ... I also "attempted" to start some ball exercises but quickly realized that I needed MORE practice lol (Notice how I didn't beat myself up because I didn't get to 4 times....Positive talk only!)

2.Complete PBee & J January Quilt Block
This week lol

3.Post a picture of my Bargello quilt for the Quilting Gallery contest this week (please vote for me) lol
I posted the picture of my quilt and currently I have only 1 vote lol (my own) oh well....

4. My block for PBee & J quilting bee (February)
I believe I have the pattern in mind for the PBee & J quilting bee on FLICKR that I need to have packaged and mailed before the end of the month.

Goals for this week:

1.Exercise 4 times
2.Complete January quilt block (from above)
3.Make a blouse (yes...for real) lol
4.Gather fabrics for February quilting bee

Ok, that's it for now :)  Hope everyone has a great week ahead .....

Thought I would leave you with a picture of our beautiful granddaughters we had stay with us this weekend....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spa by Rosemary Lavin at Fat Quarterly

Today I came home and found a beautiful squishy envelope in my mailbox. I was sooo excited.... 

You know what I'm talking about.  A puffy squishy envelope means "FABRIC"!!!! and I have been waiting very patiently for this special package.  A month or so ago I found out that I won a draw on Fat Quarterly, winning a package of Spa fat quarters by Rosemary Lavin.  They are more beautiful in person :)
Does anyone else have this line of fabric? and if so... what have you done with it?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 16

I was "DETERMINED" to finish my goals this week.  I like my word of the year and it seems to be helping me change my focus.  Whatever works right! lol

Last week's goals:
Finished quilting bee blocks

Exercised 4 times this week!!!!
This was surprising to me... I was actually very determined to get the 4 times exercising in...hopefully this will continue :)

Brought back donations for the Salvation Army (more to go in the future)
I was very happy that 1. I took the time to gather the stuff for donations and 2. that I want to do more.  I would like to live in less clutter and less things these days...

Christmas decorations put away
sad that everything looks normal again lol

Tidy sewing room
This is still ongoing... I know that I am holding onto craft/sewing supplies that I really don't need... and that are taking up precious space

Goals for this week:

1.Post a picture of my Bargello quilt for the Quilting Gallery contest this week (please vote for me) lol

2.Complete PBee&J January Quilt Block

3.February is my month at Fresh & Funky Bee-ginners quilting bee, so I need to put together the mail packages this week

4.Exercise 4 times

So that's it for this week.  Anyone else out there setting certain goals?  How is it going?  Love to hear from you :)

I see I have 18 followers (thank you) what are you doing this month?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, January 9

Happy Weekend Everyone!  What a weekend we had!  We were Nanny & Poppa this weekend to the most delicious little girls in the world. We played, ate, went sledding, made a snowman and had lots and lots of laughs.  Today we had to drive them home early because of a little snowstorm.  I think we received 20 cms of snow...

So this is the first week for my goal setting plans. Hopefully by next week, I will have started/finished/maintained and with my "health" goals - LOST! lol

Goals for the week:

1. workout 4 times this week
2. finish December/January bee blocks
3. put away Christmas decorations
4. tidy sewing room
5. take items to Salvation Army (yes, I am actually giving something away) lol

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Kelly over at Charming Chatter has a great idea for the upcoming year.  It's called Word Up!

She wants us to choose a word that we'd like to see reflected in our life in the coming year - a word to visit periodically, and to focus on throughout the year! It could be happiness, peace, joy, health, success etc.

Mine is DETERMINATION!  I wanted to feel the determination in my gut to complete anything I need to do this year!  Whether that is exercise, quilting, patience etc.

No more being wishy washy!!!  lol 

So how about you guys?  Do you have a specific focus on something or a "word" or quote?  Let me know :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - New Focus

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you all had the holidays you wanted.  I enjoyed a very lovely holiday with my daughter and her boyfriend, granddaughters and my husband.  Very lovely.  We really enjoyed our woodstove as well, sleeping in front of it on Christmas Eve... mmmmm.....

So; about blogging...I have been thinking for the last month how I want to use my blog this year.  I know that I seem to do more sewing/quilting/crafting when I'm posting, but I seem to need structure to stay on track.  Because I am a procrastinator, I will get something done, but it will be last minute.  Sooo... this year I will be posting my goals for the week at the start of the week on Sunday, outlining what I want to start/accomplish/finish for the week as well as posting what I acheived from the week before. 

I have also started back on the healthy bandwagon regular exercise/healthy eating.. I have to lose the weight that I gained after I lost it last year lol.  Know what I mean? lol   So I will also be posting those goals as well.

So, seeing that this is Tuesday already lol I guess I will start next Sunday lol


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