Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year - New Focus

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you all had the holidays you wanted.  I enjoyed a very lovely holiday with my daughter and her boyfriend, granddaughters and my husband.  Very lovely.  We really enjoyed our woodstove as well, sleeping in front of it on Christmas Eve... mmmmm.....

So; about blogging...I have been thinking for the last month how I want to use my blog this year.  I know that I seem to do more sewing/quilting/crafting when I'm posting, but I seem to need structure to stay on track.  Because I am a procrastinator, I will get something done, but it will be last minute.  Sooo... this year I will be posting my goals for the week at the start of the week on Sunday, outlining what I want to start/accomplish/finish for the week as well as posting what I acheived from the week before. 

I have also started back on the healthy bandwagon lol...ie. regular exercise/healthy eating.. I have to lose the weight that I gained after I lost it last year lol.  Know what I mean? lol   So I will also be posting those goals as well.

So, seeing that this is Tuesday already lol I guess I will start next Sunday lol

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