Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl!

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the hurricane watch.. It is t-minus 24 hours before Hurricane Earl hits Nova Scotia.  We don't expect the eye to hit us directly but it will be a tad windy/rainy. We've batten down the hatches (lol) and have extra supplies ready.  I'm hoping the power goes out for an hour maybe, no more than that though.  Our power NEVER goes out!  We were supposed to go camping for 3 nights (our first all year) but did not want to take any chances with the hurricane. Hopefully we'll be able to camp at least one time before it gets too cold.

I'm hoping that this long weekend I'll be able to finish a couple of my virtual online quilting bee projects.  I have joined two more: Modern Swappers and PeeB&J on I also hope to finish a few of my own projects: ie. kitchen curtains, granddaughters doll blanket/pillow and a harness to carry her bunny around.  Last weekend we had the girls over and that's all we heard was: "Where's bunny" lol  So Poppa thought it would be a great idea to make a pouch for bunny, that way he would be with her always!  She soo loves her bunny :) I will show a picture of bunny next time :)  He's been around lol

What are your plans for this long weekend?


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