Monday, November 15, 2010

Donut Pincushion

I finally made something off my to do list.  It may not sound like a big thing but I have issues with picking ANY sewing project to start.  I'm always thinking, "well I really should finish that quilt or "I need to finish that project. "

Anyways.... I made a pincushion!!  and not just a plain ole tomato pincushion!  I made a delicious donut pincushion with sprinkles!!! I've always thought that they were the cutest things, whether they were pincushions that looked like sweets or animals or flowers.

This is for my secret swap partner in the Modern Swappers group on Flickr.  It was a little harder that I thought (I very much dislike hand sewing lol) but I did it.  I got the pattern from here... 

Check out the finished product :) 
Hope it doesn't make you crave sweets lol



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