Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're Back from CUBA!!

Oh my goodness... what a great time we had...  2 whole weeks of nothing but food, drink and sun.  We stayed at the Blau Varadero on the eighth floor. Everything was great.  The pool, the beach, our room.

 I spent most of the 2 weeks in the shade, since I'm not really a lay in the sun and roast kinda girl,
reading 5 books!  wowsers...

Hot husband alert!!! lol

We even spent the day in Havana on a guided tour.  Very very interesting history.

Then back to reality. When we returned, we were greeted with green green grass and lots and lots of these.  Aren't they beautiful... NOT! lol

 I spent most of the day removing them with my trusty weed hound.  It really does work, although kind of hard on the back...

The proof of my labour :)  

We also had some fun too.. 

My next post will be asking for your assistance with outdoor decor.... Stayed tuned :)

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my Stash Manicure post! Your holiday looks so lovely - it makes me want to go and find some sunshine (which is kind of lacking in the UK at the moment - well it's sunny this morning but there's a frost too!).



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