Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Bloggers Quilt Festival 2010 quilt entry

OOPS!!  I GUESS I WAS TOO LATE TO JOIN THE FESTIVAL...By the time I got the courage to upload my was closed... poop :(  oh  maybe next time. Go and check out all the other more couragous (sp) women who posted their quilts on time!

It's Blogger's Quilt Festival this week and I'm sharing my all time favorite.  It's my Stained Glass Star Quilt I made in class at Atlantic Fabrics in Dartmouth NS.  My teacher was the fantastic Ken :)  

In my previous home I had it hanging on our hall wall.  It is huge :)  Hope you like it :)


  1. Amazing Work cindy.. That is absolutely beautiful! You so inspire me to get into quilting!

  2. Hi there! thanks for stopping by today. Your quilts are lovely! This is one craft I have yet to tackle - I'm an awful seamstress : )

  3. Hi, Cindy! This quilt is just beautiful; wow!

    Are you the same Cindy that just commented on my blog to enter the giveaway? You didn't leave an email address!

  4. This is so gorgeous! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!



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