Sunday, March 28, 2010

Works in Progress

I thought today I would show you my "procrastination projects"  or WIP's lol.   These are the quilts that I have started but have not yet finished.

Bargello Quilt

Christmas Quilt

Old Fashion Star Quilt

Sampler Quilt

Do you have projects that have been hanging around for awhile?  Let's see them :)


  1. I think we all do! I have a quilt at the quilters right now that I started 19 years ago!!! Can't wait to get it back. I have lots of others that are ready for the quilter too. Last year was my "get the top done" year. What a great feeling. Love the vibrant colors of your Bargello quilt.

  2. I love the colours in the Christmas quilt! I think you should finish that one before Christmas! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  3. I love them all and yes, I think we all have a few projects yet to finish. :)



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