Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Working on my PhD!

Today I saw a caption that totally explains what I'm doing or "not doing" LOL  I'm working on my PhD. (Projects Half Done).  Actually I'm starting a lot of PhD's!

In September I started thinking about sewing again.  So, looking through blog land I found a few challenges to get me started.

The first challenge was the Wicked Blog Hop in October.  We were to make a "wicked" quilt block.  I made a spider web quilt block.

The second challenge was the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop in November.  We were given the cutest pattern and asked to make a pillow.  Although I finished the front, I did not finish the pillow.

The third challenge was and still is, the 100 Day Hustle, with Kelsey Sews.  For this one, we were (are) to make a list of unfinished projects we wanted to finish by December 31, 2012.  I had 3 projects listed. I only listed 3 because I thought that would be more achievable.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHH  was I wrong...

I will finish 1 of those projects...the baby quilt for my friend...  I still have 13 days left to finish, so let's stay positive!!!! Cindy, you will attempt to finish these last 2 projects, and if you don't, THAT'S OK!!!!

How are you doing with your projects?

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  1. We are all the same Cindy....lol Blogging is one of the best things I have ever started!! You were the very first person I contacted here for help...Thank you for that! have a Merry Christmas with your little ones.



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