Friday, April 6, 2012

Thinking of starting again :)

Hello all :)  It has way too long since I have posted anything.  I mean it's not like nothing has happened in the past year.  Let's see: 1. lost job 2. started new job 3. new granddaughter...yup...that makes 3 granddaughters :) Mikea 4 Kazera 2 and Kaylene new :)

I keep saying "cindy, you should start blogging again" but that would mean I would have to craft something lol It's a shame really..i have a cute little craft/sewing room that I'm never in.  I have lots and lots of ideas but no follow through. lol That's kind of why I started this blog.  I thought it would help me have a reason to make beautiful things :) Oh that reminds me that I did make really cute tutus for my girls :)  So easy and they loved them!  Maybe I will post about that!

Hope everyone has a beautiful easter weekend! 

What have you been doing for the past year?

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