Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Thing One Week Challenge

Update:  Although I did not finish my challenge within the week (I kinda forgot about it) I did "almost" finish the binding on the baby's quilt and that's progress!  Plus! I am actually hand sewing the binding... I know... I know... I said HAND sewing lol   I usually machine sew it on.... But this time I said to myself, Self, why don't you try it the right way... and it's not that bad....a lot slower but it looks great!

Did anyone else try to finish something they've been working on last week?

Ok. So. Amy over at Amy's Creative Side is starting another really cool challenge.  This one is called One Thing One Week Challenge.  She is hoping to motivate us either to finish something or start something.  What ever is reasonable for us to be able to finish in one weeks' time.  Post your challenge in her comments section and then the next Tuesday, she will have a linky which we can link to our blog post to show off your met goal.   I know I need something to kick my butt in gear. 

My challenge for this week is to finish the binding on a baby quilt.  I know I know.. that should only take an hour tops to finish, but I'm taking baby steps... nothing too overwhelming :)  lol  

Let me know if you post your challenge on Amy's blog so that we can be in this together.  Remember it can be anything!!!

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind comment on my living room paint job.

    And I find another Canadian! Woo Hoo! And an east coaster ta boot! I have a boat load (some boat, maybe the Hector, many moons ago) of family in N.S. in the New Glasgow area.

    Ummm, yeah, I buy things to do crafts and stuff and never get around to it :) Pfttt, it's not important in the big scheme of things. LOL



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